What Habakkuk can teach us about 2020


     The book of Habakkuk serves as a reminder that there will be times when God seems silent and not concerned about our lives — but that in fact, He is present and working on our behalf.


     Habakkuk, one of the minor prophets of the Old Testament, was deeply troubled with the problem of evil in the world. During that time, the world was consumed and overtaken by wickedness, destruction and violence.


     The people of Judah had become corrupt. There was no justice in the land. He could not take it any longer, so he cried out to God. He had been asking God to deal with the problem, but God seemed to be silent.


     Today we are living in somewhat similar times. It seems as if our world has been turned upside-down.


According to CNN, 20.5 million Americans lost their jobs during the month of April.

COVID-19 has taken the lives of more Americans than the Vietnam War. More than 8 million cases have been reported so far in the United States, with more than 200,000 deaths.

Social distancing is highly encouraged and, depending on where you are, masks are required in public. Public gatherings are now limited.


The list goes on and on.


But scripture teaches us that “God is nigh unto all them that call upon Him, to all that call upon Him in truth” (Psalm 145:18).

Remember the woman with the blood ailment? According to Mark 5:21-34, God heard her cry, and He answered!

The Israelites stayed under the rule of Pharaoh for 430 years (Exodus 12:40). God heard their cry, and He answered!

Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den, where he remained all night (Daniel 6:19-22). God heard his cry, and He answered!

God knows what we are going through, and He has a plan for all of us. (Jeremiah 29:11)


     In the book of Habakkuk, chapter 2, God finally answers Habakkuk’s cry and addresses the situation. He makes it clear that He is not going to tolerate Judah’s behavior, which was so disturbing to Habakkuk.


     This is evidence that God is very much concerned with every aspect of our lives. He will come to our rescue and work things out for us at His own perfect time.


     Let us be encouraged and trust Him. If you haven’t already, I challenge you to read the book of Habakkuk. It is sure to bless you.


Willette Myrick is a retired secondary teacher from Carthage, Mississippi.