Kristen Thornton

Kristen Thornton

Jackson Preparatory School | First Baptist Church Madison

A Situation Where I Lived Out My Faith

In everything I do, I try to live my life as an example for Christ. I want people to see Christ in me. One night, I had a fellow student text me and ask, “How are you so consistent in all your relationships and with your walk with Christ?” I answered saying, “To be consistent, you have to make the decision to do that. You can’t worry about what others will think. You worry about what God thinks of you. He is the ultimate Abba Father and he died for you on the cross to save you from your sins.” Also find an accountability partner. That always helps. I was so overwhelmed with joy to be asked such a question by one of my fellow classmates. I pray that people will continue to see Christ in me and not be afraid to ask me questions.

Activities and Service to Others

I have been a member of Reveillon show choir for four years. Before that, I was a member of the junior high show choir, Fusion. Our group motto is “Audience of One,” which has been a tradition since the beginning. When we perform, we are truly only focused on one audience, and that is God. We perform to bring glory to him and that is our true goal. I am also on the advisory team in show choir. I attend church on a regular basis. I am on the youth leadership team at my church, is a group of regularly attending senior students who help the youth minister make decisions about the youth department. We try to serve as examples for the younger kids in the group.

Living a Distinctly Christian Life in a World That Is Hostile to My Faith

This world is becoming more and more antagonistic toward Christianity. This fact is truly heartbreaking. I’m going to college next year, and instead of growing apart from God, I plan on my relationship with Him growing stronger. I’m going to surround myself with people that I know want to live their life according to God’s purpose. I plan on becoming involved in the Baptist Student Union on campus and to regularly attend church at college. The popular thing might not always be the right thing. I know what is wrong and I will avoid the things that I know do not bring glory to Him. I want people to see Christ in me and I want to be a true follower of Jesus. I plan on continuing to have a daily quiet time with God. I do not want to go to college and lose sight of Him. I pray that God will keep me on the right path. Everyone deserves to know Christ and I want to share His Word with people. At college, I want my life to be an example for Christ and I want to show people Christ’s love.