Without exception, when we see something laudable in another Believer, something truly selfless, something authentically alive, something that draws us to them even inexplicably, it IS the activeness of Jesus Himself in their life. It is our catching glimpses of the Person of Jesus welling up in them and spilling over—His incorruptible love, His supernatural submission, His concern for the “least of these.” Is not all that is good and right in us to the credit of His very real and holy residence, transforming the old into new, devastating the flesh and divinely sourcing all that we have been called to be? Is it not all from Jesus? And is it not all for Jesus?

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Myrick Family picture by Alana Donovan Photography.

Hello, we are the Myricks. We are writing today to share what has come about as a result of Jesus being Jesus in our lives—and in some ways, to give you an opportunity to be involved. Slowly, over the past several years, we have sensed the Lord calling us toward adoption. He has been transfusing His awareness and concern for the “fatherless” into our entire family! His words about Himself in Psalm 68 declare Him to be in the business of “placing the lonely in families.” What a God. What a blessing it is to hear our children talking to that very God, requesting Him to use our home for one of those “lonely” orphans.

At this point, we believe the Lord has led us to an orphanage in Haiti. Much to our surprise, we are not legally old enough to adopt from their country. Furthermore, our almost eight years of marriage is not enough according to their requirement. And to add hurt to serious injury, the Haitian government prefers you not have biological children, especially not both genders. On all accounts, it is a legal impossibility for us to adopt in Haiti. Yet here we are knocking at the door, standing next to Him who has a reputation for doing the impossible. Even as I am sitting here typing, there is a whisper that reminds me of the dry ground the Children of Israel crossed on while the Red Sea’s waters were being suspended. Waters suspended! Dry ground! We must not compromise our vision by wearing earthbound lenses.

It is of no surprise that our great Enemy is relentless in his attacks to derail this adoption. As in everyone’s life, his attacks reek of untruth, discouragement and thievery! He’s always trying to plant seeds of unbelief. He urges us to reason that there is no point in all this because we can’t save them all. “What is one or two orphans going matter,” he snarls. He tries to convince us that there is no way the God of this universe really concerns Himself with all those orphans or that heaven itself doesn’t really celebrate when they get folded into a family. Oh, but isn’t it sweet to know the Shepherd’s voice—to have the Great Helper come along side of us, exposing the Enemy with Truth and faithfully offering all of Himself to help us stay the course!

Please pray for us on this journey! We need His clear guidance in all the details: which gender, the possibility of adopting a sibling group, the opportunity to take a child in need of a minor surgery that we have so readily available stateside, and what to do if the Haitian law doesn’t change, and so on.  It is all for Him! May we steward well His calling.

Myric-Painting-WebOur way of obtaining the necessary funds for this adoption is through my custom oil paintings. As I told Marilyn, technically I am an artist, but the blessed truth is that I am a wife and mommy of three that lives in paint clothes at the scarce chance that a few unclaimed moments might present themselves, wherein I sprint into my studio for some right-brained fireworks until the privilege of being needed arises yet again. With a wide variety of style and content, my paintings range from abstracts to Biblical scenes.

Please feel free to call me at 601.951.4490 or browse more pictures of my work by searching “Abigail Myrick” on Facebook. Thank you for taking the time to hear from us!