Fixing My Eyes on Jesus

Reviewed by Susan E. Richardsonbook2

When a new year begins, many people look for a new devotional book to guide their daily quiet time. Publishers anticipate this need by releasing new titles along with old favorites. Among this year’s releases is Fixing My Eyes on Jesus, a year long devotional from Anne Graham Lotz. Anyone who has heard Lotz speak or read one of her books knows that she is passionate about calling Christians into a deeper relationship with God through His word. In Fixing My Eyes on Jesus, she has designed each reading to combine with Scripture to help the reader focus on Jesus before the busyness of every day life gets in the way. Readings are deceptively short. These carefully chosen pieces from the best of Lotz’s previous work pack an amazing amount of thought into a brief space. You will want to give yourself time to ponder and allow God’s Spirit
to speak to you after each entry. Anyone struggling to combine a time-challenged schedule with material that offers depth of meaning will appreciate this book. Get your focus set, take the point from your reading, and begin your day refreshed. Yet a reader with plenty of time will find it equally valuable, and may want to follow up with journaling. Whether readings encourage, challenge, or inspire, Fixing My Eyes on Jesus provides rich food for daily reflection.

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albumAbide by Ben Ford

Written by Kate Boudreaux of The Collective

Unfazed by the weight of his own talent and influence, singer/songwriter Ben Ford is about as down-to-earth as they come. Mississippi born and raised, his heart and music are free from pretense and hypocrisy, and
grounded in the truth of the Gospel and the wonder of grace. Ford’s versatile, soulful voice rises and falls with emotion, telling stories of celebration and longing, ringing out with tenderness and strength, seeming to carry years of history hidden beneath every breath. His insightful songwriting evokes an almost visceral response from the listener, as illustrated in “I Am Redeemed,” a song that addresses the paradox of Christ’s servant leadership with the lyrics “Still You’re the King, and You wash my feet.” As an artist, Ben Ford holds greatness in his hands—hands that craft beauty and coax music from the strings of a guitar. But following in the footsteps of Christ, he leads by example, not seeking greatness or glory for himself, but desiring to serve the Lord and others through music, hoping that his songs can be used by God to encourage, to uplift, and in essence, to wash someone’s feet. You can also see more of Ben Ford at North Ridge Church in Ridgeland every Sunday. Listen to Ben’s new EP/ Abide on iTunes.

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