James Martin

James Martin

Jackson Preparatory School | Christ United Methodist Church

How I Came to Know Christ

Personally, I feel like I have always known Christ by growing up in a home blessed by God- fearing parents. But my faith became genuine when I became active in my church youth group. Youth ministers have become mentors to me and have inspired me to walk the walk. I will never forget the power these men had on influencing my life. Also, every winter attending Breakthru, a youth retreat at Timber Creek Camp, has reminded me of the power of the Holy Spirit. I always feel refreshed leaving worship there. Most importantly, having a best friend who walks the walk gives me accountability and helps me stay focused on the narrow path.

Activities and Service to Others

At school, I am involved in tennis, mock trial, and quiz bowl. I am on the chess team and love to play church basketball. I am a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society, and honor roll. I have volunteered at Stewpot, the Grace House, and the Boys and Girls Club to help minister to the needy. At church, I am an active member of the youth program, where I have led a Discipleship group for three years. I have also helped out with Confirmation process, which involved ministering to kids hoping to join the church. By leading these groups, I understand that I have the power of influence and must be a Godly witness in my guys’ lives.

Future Plans

I have always wanted to go into law as either a practicing attorney or an aspiring politician. But lately, I have felt God’s calling to be involved in youth ministry as an adult—either as a full-time minister or on the side. God has put a love for children in my heart, so I know that I could be a Godly influence in their lives. I know, however, in whatever I do, I will do it unto Him for His glory and not my own.

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