So I am making a New Year’s resolution to do much better with my social media. There are two problems with this whole concept of social media. The first is that I am a dinosaur and when my twenty and thirty…and even forty year old friends start talking tech, I feel like I have landed on another planet. But that is not at all what I began this blog about.

It’s about dogs…and I have learned a lot lately since we adopted a third Corgi whose life here in Ridgeland, Mississippi is – at the very least – as plush as the Queen’s Corgis lives. You may or may not know that the Queen (Queen Elizabeth II – is there any other queen?) has a slew of Corgis as she breeds them – or did until she recently decided she  should stop due to the fact that she is an octogenarian and would not want to leave behind more dogs than her progeny would like to inherit. At any rate, Corgis are just the best, most of the time.

My second problem with social media is that I am not a sound byte kind of person. I like words…and lots of them. I can’t tell you how my life is in 100 words or less. I have barely begun this blog and my computer says I am at 222 words. I don’t like social media because I like a lot of words as well as a lot of hand gestures to match. Blogs provide neither.

Quickly then…I was about to spend the better part of a day working on the cover story for February. I planned to dash out to a quick lunch with my niece who is in for the Christmas holiday and then come back and chain myself to the computer. I woke up this morning with a most unwelcome “gift” in the middle of the kitchen floor from one of our Corgis. I immediately blamed “Dutch” our new rescue. This was not usual behavior from any one of our three, but I decided to crate him when I left for lunch with my niece. That is all it usually takes to get the message to him that we do not leave such “presents” in the house.

I came home a few hours later to find a big “present” by my back door. Obviously, Dutch was not the culprit so I decided that Daisy, our Alpha dog who is also a Diabetic, must be having insulin issues. I prepared to load her in the car and take her to the vet when I noticed Thurber (our “well-adjusted” third dog-child) walking as though he was in pain and not acting himself at all. It was Thurber who was having the issues.

So I took Thurber to the vet at 4:00 and thought I could still come back and get back to my writing. I came home to discover Daisy and Dutch barking and following me closer than white on rice, so to speak, pushing their bowls around the kitchen and begging for supper thirty minutes early. What can I say? I thought if I was to get any work done, I might as well feed them NOW. So I did.

The telephone rang. It was the vet telling me that Thurber had nervous Colitis from spending Christmas at the doggie spa and that it was not unusual. She charged me $83 for his thirty minute visit and prescribed two medicines. I jumped back in the car and headed to pick him up. By the way, I had to cook white rice for his dinner.

So here I am on December 29, and I had planned to have several stories done and half the February magazine laid out by now. After all, my daughter is getting married in two weeks and I have duties. I have lived the last six months thinking that this particular week was my “down time” to get so many things done.

Okay. All I can think about is that WWJD? Jesus seemed to have a lot of days that did not in any way go according to the plan. Therefore, all I can do in this frustrated moment is pray for the grace to deal with interruptions beyond my control…and for God to please make my brain work faster so I can finish my magazine duties before my mother of the bride duties kick into high gear!