By Jade Whitehurst

Are you pushing snooze one too many times lately? Are you procrastinating and not accomplishing what you intended to? Are you lacking joy in your fitness journey?

We’ve all been there. Even the “GOATs” of the fitness world find themselves in what I call the “fitness funk,” where we lack the motivation to do the work to accomplish our goals. However, these funks don’t have to last forever, and it’s important not to let them derail us from reaching our destination! Sometimes the hardest “muscle” we have to grow is the one between our ears.

We can get re-energized and refocused to tackle our goals. However, just like everyone’s goals are different, the feelings behind our funks can be different too, so learn those feelings and take control of them in healthy ways that serve you and your goals.

When I get in my fitness funk, I ask myself, why am I feeling this way? Identifying the root cause can help you adjust so your goals serve you instead of defeating you. 

Below are seven gentle reminders, or ways I like to kick the fitness funk in order to get back on track! I hope they help you in your next season of funk:

  1. Your internal dialogue matters! Don’t let your feelings in the moment deter you from your long-term goal. Action creates confidence!
  2. Are your goals for your glory, or His glory? This is where burnout can fester, when our goals get put on the throne of our hearts instead of Christ. We begin to see our value in outcomes and numbers instead of who He says we are. Our health journey is a direct reflection of our gratitude for His love for us, not a reflection of worldy worth!
  3. Try a new style of workout, join a new class, or increase the intensity of your current program! Challenge yourself in new ways that make you excited!
  4. Go buy new workout clothes, gear or supplements! Sometimes retail therapy or a new pre-workout can be just the encouragement you need to keep the experience fun.
  5. Pull up pictures from before you began your health journey and reflect on how far you’ve come. Celebrate little wins along the way!
  6. Pray for Holy Spirit conviction that you will be a person of integrity to finish what you start because your yes means yes. Matthew 5:37 is my go-to verse that I hinge my commitments to. Integrity matters – even the promises we make to ourselves.
  7. Create biblical affirmations that encourage you to stay focused. Working on our physical bodies while not giving in to the flesh can be hard. Lean on scripture to keep your focus up instead of out!

Just like our faith, our fitness needs heart checks too. It’s a journey that requires adjusting our sails with the wind while not letting storms overtake us. Fitness funks are normal and to be expected. Consistent action, no matter how big or small, is the key when it comes to your progress – but keeping God on the throne of your heart is the key to joy in the journey. Stay committed, stay positive, and stay in Truth.

Jade Whitehurst is a wife, mom, fitness coach, and eighth-grade science teacher. You can follow her on Instagram @jadewhitehurst_thefaithfitmom.

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