By Tameka Johnson, RDN 

Have you ever purchased an item that required assembly? Normally those items come with instructions on how to assemble the parts in order to fulfill the product’s purpose. Prior to selling the item, hopefully, the manufacturer tested and retested the product for functionality and durability. Given the manufacturer’s expertise on how to build the package they created, we are wise to follow the assembly instructions. This proves we value the manufacturer’s insight and want the best outcome for what they have created.  

Do you pay as much attention to your physical body? It has a Creator who has the blueprints and instructions for how to care for it and maximize its intended purpose. When you don’t feel well, and you seek care from your healthcare provider, do you take heed of his or her recommendations? Do you follow those instructions and recognize the insight he or she has been given into promoting optimal care for part of God’s creation — your body? When we seek medical attention, we are to pray for healing and for God’s wisdom to come from that healthcare provider; then, we should follow sound advice. 

Are we not as important as the material things we acquire? To Christ, we are. We see “Handle with care” on valuable packages, and those are also Christ’s instructions for our bodies. As Christians, we know we are priceless to God. We are more precious than any package we could ever purchase. We were created for a purpose. The Bible tells us we have been given at least one spiritual gift that requires nurturing and cultivation. We do this by acting in accordance with God’s will and surrounding ourselves with likeminded believers who will help us grow into spiritual maturity, but the gift of health and wellness has been given to us all.  

If we study our Bibles, review our food labels, and maintain our exercise routines, we begin to practice wellness. With routine physical activity, we build muscle, strengthen bones, and make cellular improvements from the inside out. With nutritious foods, we fuel our bodies to improve gastrointestinal concerns, manage weight, regulate uncontrolled glucose, and promote heart health, along with a host of other benefits. 

Living a lifestyle of wellness can encourage others to choose Christ and work to take care of their physical bodies — the temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell in — as well. This allows us to be accountable to one another in love, as taught in the Holy Bible He inspired us to follow. Let’s make the daily decision to follow God’s will, choose our actions wisely, and prioritize our health. We are the body of Christ, and it is time for us to value Him as our spiritual and physical Creator consistently.  

Tameka is the health education director at H.E.A.L. Mississippi. She has a degree in Culinary Arts and in Nutrition and Food Systems, and has been a practicing registered dietitian for over 13 years.

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