If you’re looking to improve your physical health in the new year – whether by forming healthy habits, getting a knee or shoulder looked at, or finally seeking help for an addiction – check out these resources and tips. Most of them come from folks you’ve seen in MCL before, whether in an article or ad. 

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Health & fitness resources

St. Dominic’s Fitness Center

*Today St. Dominic’s Fitness Center sets the bar in the Jackson area as a leading fitness and wellness facility for individuals and families, St. Dominic’s employees, and local businesses wanting to improve the health of their workforce. Not your typical health club, St. Dominic’s Fitness Center is a medically based facility geared toward helping you reach and maintain an optimal level of health through safe exercise and strength training. An exceptional aquatic exercise program, state-of-the-art equipment, and an array of fun and exciting classes — not to mention a personable, qualified staff — make St. Dominic’s Fitness Center the ultimate choice for fitness and overall well-being. Learn more at stdom.com.

Capital Ortho

*At Capital Ortho, we understand that bone and joint problems can be difficult to deal with and can have a major impact on your life. That’s why our team provides the highest level of care to treat your issue and help you get back to enjoying life as quickly as possible. Our surgeons are highly trained in general and specialty orthopedic care in their individual areas of expertise.

From diagnosis through recovery and beyond, we strive to provide the most comprehensive and compassionate care available. Our team of medical professionals are experienced in treating a wide range of orthopedic issues including fractures, joint pain, sports injuries, joint replacements, and more. From on-site surgeries and physical therapy to comprehensive treatment plans tailored to your individual needs, Capital Ortho is here for you every step of the way!

Schedule an appointment or simply walk in today to start taking control of your health and get on the path toward a pain-free life. Capital Ortho is conveniently located in Flowood, Madison, Clinton, Brookhaven, Hazlehurst and Kosciusko. Choose Capital Ortho … Move Better. Live Better.




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H.E.A.L. Mississippi

*H.E.A.L. Mississippi is a nonprofit whose mission is to reduce the impact of diabetes and other cardiometabolic diseases in Mississippi. Our vision is to establish a high-quality, easily accessible standard of care for people with cardiometabolic diseases. God created us to be whole and healthy, and He’s made provisions for us to walk in His divine plan related to our health and healing. Our purpose is to show people God’s provisions and advance His design.

We began implementing our vision by hosting and participating in health fairs throughout the state, providing glucose screenings, blood pressure checks, body composition analysis, and nutritional screenings in strategically selected areas. We disseminated information on cardiometabolic diseases while screening more than 5,000 Mississippians over two years. We also established partnerships with other organizations that share our vision. By leveraging these partnerships, we implemented community-based public health initiatives focused on cardiometabolic disease prevention and management.

We have evolved since our inception. Our goal is to continue to be faithful to Him and to significantly improve cardiometabolic health outcomes in Mississippi as well as health disparities and inequities. For more information, visit healmississippi.com. We would love to interact with you!

Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services

*Located in Hattiesburg, Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services is one of the nation’s most comprehensive treatment campuses. Pine Grove’s world-renowned programs treat gender-specific chemical addiction, including specialized tracks for co-occurring eating disorders, compulsive behaviors, trauma, and mental health. Additionally, Pine Grove offers an intensive outpatient substance abuse healing program for adults and a separate treatment track for those age 55-plus. 

Other Pine Grove specialty programs include a dedicated professional’s treatment curriculum and a comprehensive evaluation center. Pine Grove also features a program for patients with sexual addiction. Other components include inpatient services – including an adult psychiatric unit and a child and adolescent psychiatric unit – and outpatient services. 

Pine Grove is a division of Forrest Health, a partnership of healthcare organizations across south Mississippi, and the behavioral healthcare extension of Forrest General Hospital. Established in 1984, Pine Grove has provided nationally and internationally recognized healthcare for 40 years. For more information about Pine Grove, please visit pinegrovetreatment.com and call 1-888-574-HOPE (4673).

Health & fitness tips 

Make your goals sustainable

*My tip for a healthier New Year is to focus on consistency over intensity. Sustainable habits lead to lasting results. Whether it’s hitting the gym, choosing nutritious meals, or practicing mindfulness, small, consistent efforts make a difference over time. Let’s make 2024 a healthier, happier year! – Amy Batson Wilkerson, manager, St. Dominic Fitness Center

Stay active

*Staying active is especially important as we age. For seniors, something as simple as walking daily can have a great impact on not only their physical health but also their mental well-being. Find an activity you enjoy, and you’re more likely to keep it up long after the new year. – Renisha Whitley, Independent Living Activity Coordinator, St. Catherine’s Village

Mind and body, heart and soul

Exercise your body and your mind. Physical exercise is such a good antidepressant. It releases endorphins and helps create serotonin in the brain, which is the feel-good chemical. Exercising your mind with something you are passionate about gives life purpose. Exercise your heart and soul with daily prayer and meditation. – Dr. Alyssa Killebrew, owner, of Essential Touchstones Psychological Services, Ridgeland

Consistency over intensity

Prioritize consistency before intensity in pursuit of your health and fitness goals! In time, consistent behavior leads to greater intensity. Once new behaviors become a habit, you can build and add intensity without the burnout or overwhelm. And be able to enjoy the journey as you go! – Laura Jane Montgomery, owner, of Fit Revival Studio, Ridgeland

Create a bedtime routine

We should prioritize our health in the late evening by doing something that helps our bodies wind down. I would recommend avoiding blue light, taking a warm bath or shower, and drinking an herbal tea for hydration. Try to set a bedtime and stick with it. Our bodies love routine, and performing simple actions such as this can help lower our cortisol levels. – Dr. Kristi Trimm, Medical Director, TrustCare 

Talk a walk

Daily exercise is one of the most important aspects of healthy living. I like to take my dog, Theo, on daily outdoor walks to meditate and untangle my thoughts! Not only does this promote physical well-being, but there is a mental and spiritual benefit to daily exercise. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your exercise regimen. – Garrett Sawyer, RN, VP of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Officer, Prime Care Nursing

Start with prevention

Overall wellness starts with prevention of chronic illnesses. Eating a healthy diet, staying physically and mentally active, and following up with one’s primary care physician for routine wellness checks are the cornerstones to a healthy lifestyle. – Dr. C. Andrew Ouzts, Flowood Primary Care