Corrie Moncrief

Age 41
Married to Ben Moncrief (16 years)
Mother to Ellie (age 11) and Benjamin (age 8)


Work Background: Grantwriter for Cornerstone Schools of Alabama. Volunteer in the community and serve at Highlands Presbyterian in the women’s, children’s, and mercy ministries and in Madison Avenue Elementary’s and Upper Elementary’s PTOs.


Tell me, how has your perspective on being a mother evolved as your children have gone from the cradle to this stage of life when they are becoming more independent and less sheltered by their parents? 


When my children were smaller, motherhood often seemed to be about meeting immediate needs. We definitely made time for play, but days were often filled with going from one need to the next—and providing instruction and discipline in between! As my children are becoming more independent, I’m seeing how essential it is as a mom to pause with them, to talk and play together, and to not just rush to the next thing. And although in this stage of life, motherhood often seems to be about rushing to the next commitment, I’m trying to be present with them and not distracted. It’s in these times together that I’m learning more about who the Lord is growing each of them to be and I’m being challenged to grow too!


What are the intentional things you do to guide them in a strong spiritual direction?


One of the verses that really challenges me as a mom is Deuteronomy 11:19, “Teach them [God’s commands] to your children, talking about them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”


I try to be intentional in pointing my children to the truth of His Word and how it applies in every part of their lives—in the things they face and in questions they have. I also try to let them know when I have made a mistake or have done wrong and to ask for forgiveness. I also try to be intentional about how we are to be stewards of all God has given us—our talents, our finances, our time, and other gifts. That because of His great love and what He has given to us, we are to reach out in the places He has placed us—their schools, sports teams, our church family, and community—to be a light, to be engaged with others, and to serve.