the invisible girls

The Invisible Girls

Sarah Thebarge

If anybody thinks life has been unfair, Sarah Thebarge should. After breast cancer in her twenties shattered much more of her life than just her physical health, she found herself, through a seemingly chance encounter, taking care of a family of Somalian refugees. A can’t-put-it-down short read, it will tug at your heartstrings and inspire you to look for those “invisible” people in your own path.

the storm inside

The Storm Inside

Sheila Walsh

Written for women, this book is for anyone who is overwhelmed by the challenges of everyday crisis and chaos. Just battling the negative stream of modern life is enough to wear anybody down, but Sheila’s warm, real, and practical writing will encourage anyone looking for comfort and strength.

god is just not fair

God is Just Not Fair

Jennifer Rothschild

Jennifer will be here in Madison in October! I cannot wait to meet the person who has written this book! This transparent and personal book is for anyone wrestling with the question, “Why am I going through this particular incredible and difficult thing?” There are more than answers here.

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