Kitchen Tune-Up


     After my son’s baseball practice the other night, we decided to stop at Chick-fil-A to enjoy what we like to call “the Lord’s chicken” (I also like to think that these calories do not count).


     As usual, the place was packed with people of all ages. However, something unusual caught my eye. There was a long table decorated with rose gold balloons and confetti at the back of the restaurant. Right in the middle of the table was a huge birthday cake being cut and served to everyone at Chick-fil-A! Upon further investigation, I specifically noticed it was a celebration for a 90th birthday!


     I quickly scanned the room, expecting to find a sweet, frail, older lady sitting pleasantly while people gathered around her, but I couldn’t seem to find a lady that fit this description. Then right before my eyes I saw a lively, energetic, full-of-life lady being hugged and wished a happy birthday. I thought to myself, “No way she is 90. She looks amazing and moves with such grace and poise.”


     Then my mind was blown even more when I realized she was a Chick-fil-A employee. Here she was at the beautiful age of 90 moving around so well that she could still serve and care for others in a fast-paced environment without hesitation. I thought, if only I could sit down with her and ask for all her secrets to longevity; I wonder what she would say. If I had to guess, I bet it’s the power of movement.


     God could have designed our bodies in any shape or form. I mean, think about it. We could be structureless and weak, but He gave us bones and muscles to give us structure and strength to carry out tasks. Therefore, He gave us the ability for movement. Based on who He is, I know this movement must be for our good and His glory.


     Even “experts” say movement is good for us, that it keeps us young and healthy and keeps the heart strong and the brain sharp. People build businesses and careers around helping others live out this lifestyle. Therefore, I must assume that staying in motion plays a vital role in our longevity. I can also assume that the sweet lady working for Chick-fil-A at 90 is staying sharp because she actively chooses to challenge her body and brain to perform tasks.


     Think of it like this: What happens to water when it becomes stagnant for too long? It risks becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful pathogens that can make people sick! In the same way, when we become complacent and stagnant in our movement, our bodies may become more vulnerable to diseases or grow weaker. You know the saying, “What we don’t use, we lose.”


     This is why I have such a strong passion to use health and fitness as my platform to share the goodness of our Father. I want to help teach people that movement is a way of worship and there is so much joy to be found in it. After all, a healthy body is a body that can live out the calling God has placed on it — almost like God knew what He was doing all along.


     This active lifestyle does not have to be hard. Simply go for a walk, or pick up a hobby like golf or tennis. Whatever it is, I want to encourage you to find something that will challenge you physically and mentally — and while you’re carrying out this challenge, don’t forget to stop and give praise to our Father for the gift of movement. After all, our bodies are a gift from God. Let us honor Him in this way.


Jade Whitehurst is a wife, mom, fitness coach and eighth-grade science teacher. You can follow her on Instagram @jadewhitehurst_fit (aka The Faith Fit Mom).

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