By Shay Greenwood

Faith, Fashion & Fitness

I love this season! I get excited to wear big sweaters, fun shoes, and jeans. In cooler weather, I love adding layers — but I want to feel cute and comfy at the same time. This is especially true when the unexpected happens.

In one week, three weeks ago, my family walked through unexpected times: the untimely death of my husband’s brother; a refrigerator leak (more like running faucet); our son breaking his arm in a football game; and our four adult kids, a son-in-law and a girlfriend coming into town for their uncle’s funeral.

Our house sounded like a jet taking off with all the fans and the dehumidifier blowing to dry the water out of the wood floors and walls — that sound is still ringing in my ears. We are now living in a hotel until the insurance claim settles and they reconstruct our floors.

I’ve spent intentional time focusing on the blessings despite the chaos. One of those blessings is that God has given us beautiful things to look at, and of course for me that includes fall fashion. The transition into sweaters, fun tennis shoes, jeans, and a crisp white shirt have created a fun thing to look at as I pass the mirror in the hotel lobby bathroom.

Although I realize these treasures don’t mean much in the bigger scheme of things, I can’t help the way I was raised by a mom and grandmother who faced hard circumstances. When I look my best, I feel my best, and then I can do my best — no matter that I feel displaced and like everything is outside my control.

It feels good to spend a little extra time on myself. I have even been super pleasant to the adjuster when he tells me that our claim is still in review. I’m representing Jesus through it all! If that’s what this is about, then sign me up!

Is your wardrobe ready for fall? Don’t forget to shop your closet first. Here are some fun things to look for — we can wear them all fall and winter long:

  • Fun sneakers. Sneakers are in with every outfit — dressed up or down.
  • Big white shirt. I love the freshness of a white blouse, T-shirt or sweater.
  • Big sweater. The bigger and fluffier, the better.
  • Jeans. Distressed or not, skinny or flared, wear what looks great on you!

Are you going through a hard time right now? My DMs are always open if you need an encouraging word! I’m here for you.

Shay is a style coach with a mission to help women look and feel their best! Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @shaygreenwood.

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