Don’t hit snooze


     I recently attended a virtual writing group, and our leader read us a poem called “Don’t Go Back To Sleep.” It’s a good poem, and easy to find online. The main idea that I took away was that when we’re “sleepy” and complacent, we miss out on good stuff.


     After discussing the poem, we wrote for 20 minutes. I rarely write anything during these sessions that I’d be bold enough to share here, but I believe Jesus spoke the following poem to me. Maybe it’ll help y’all too.  


Don’t Hit Snooze

The Spirit of God is hovering
As He did over the waters
In the beginning of time.
Like them, you are unfinished —
But He sees what you will be.
You can meet with Him

Before the rest of the world wakes up
And wants to ping you and poke you
And ask you for favors.
You can meet with Him alone,
In the silence
That falls like feather down
And settles down around you.
But this comfort doesn’t numb.
It gets you ready.

Your Father waits
To speak to you,
With secrets and mysteries of old to unfold:
Leviathan, the Greenland shark,
The fourth dimension, dinosaurs …
And how a Man
(not just any man)
Was both Man and God,
Sin and perfection,

Defeated and victorious,
In one eternal afternoon
On a cross. 

He also waits to hear from you
So He can answer.
He waits for you to speak up,
Acknowledge reality,
And embrace its sweaty, awkward slow dance

Instead of ducking your head and turning away. 

And Jesus stands at the gate
And waits for you, His beloved,
To step out the door

And follow Him.
Let your limitations be left behind,
Buried in your hobbit hole,
And let yourself emerge

Onto the road that goes ever on
(surrounded by good, green pasture)
With the One whose strength will see you through.

Your God is waiting.
Or you can hit snooze. 


     For me, this poem is not just about physically getting out of bed, though that’s certainly part of it. It’s about not “hitting snooze” on whatever God calls me to. Often I’m afraid of what might happen when I journey away from my “hobbit hole,” i.e., whatever makes me comfortable. (Y’all know I had to get a Tolkien reference in there.) I’m afraid the path will be wrong, or the outcome will be wrong, or something will be wrong — and I love being right. 


     Yet even as I write this, I look back at the poem and see that God spelled the solution out for me: Spend time with Him. 


     He created me, He loves me, He wants what’s best for me, and He has provided all that I need for today. He wants to encourage me with His gospel. He wants to talk with me. And then He wants to take me on today’s adventure. The word “adventure” implies a bit of risk. But the things I might risk in the present are nothing compared to His eternal presence — which I can never lose. 


      I used a lot of personal pronouns in the last few paragraphs, but this message is for anyone who has given their heart and life to Jesus Christ. He is calling you to something. Spend time with Him so He can equip you for it. He’ll be with you all the way.


     Our cover story this month is one of my favorites every year: our Christian Leaders of the Future scholarship finalists (see page 19). These young people are so cool, y’all. They’ve taken on responsibilities and followed Christ in ways I never would’ve dreamed at their age. And it’s such an awesome picture of the different talents and personalities that God gives each person. 


     Whether you’re a senior in high school, a senior citizen, or anywhere in between, I hope you won’t “hit snooze” on God’s calling. He is faithful, and He will see you through. Amen and amen. 




Katie Eubanks

Pro-Life Mississippi