I was one of the first Americans to complete the program back in 2002 as a high school sophomore. As I began the Dore Program, I first noticed changes on the basketball court in my ball control, dribbling, and movement around the court. I noticed changes in my spatial awareness, and my free throw percentage increased significantly. Of course that encouraged me, and as I continued the Dore Program, I retook the ACT—which I had already taken a few times in preparation for college—and my reading score increased enough to greatly impact my composite score!

Still today, I notice that I continue to be a quick learner and am able to comprehend what I read so much more easily than I did before Dore. And, like other Dore champions— those who complete the program—the changes that take place are permanent.

I now serve as the director of the Dore Program. Having completed the program successfully, I have observed countless individuals around the world who have experienced life-changing results from the program, and I am excited to play a role in bringing the program to those who may benefit. I work with all our Dore team members to make sure that we are best-equipped to serve each and every person, school, and organization we work alongside. We know Dore is a journey, and we want to ensure that each individual is able to reach his or her maximum potential!

Every day, my faith is inspired by the lives I see changed because of the program. For me, Dore is a way that I am able to give back to my community and the state of Mississippi. In a way, you could say it has become my mission as God has led me here. I feel that I am able to help families, schools, and students become stronger and more successful each day. I feel so privileged to be able to bring such a lifechanging program to families and, without a doubt, each time I see and hear the remarkable changes in our clients I know that God has brought us together and blessed all of us!

My sister, Natalie, has been called to serve as a long-term missionary in the Philippines and watching her journey has been inspirational as she serves and loves orphans. For my family, we have always sought to serve God by serving others and, particularly, students. For me, serving my community through the Dore program has been my personal opportunity to do that.

Often, I hear that the program sounds too simple or that there must be more to what we are doing. In fact, the program is simple to complete, and the activities last only about 10 minutes, twice per day; however, each program is individually customized to target each person’s specific needs, and the given activities are designed to be challenging. Students still need great teachers and mentors. Adult learners and athletes continue to benefit from additional practice and training. But Dore is the piece that allows individuals to unlock their potential, to enhance skill development, and so the complexity of the program lies in its specificity and the program’s tailored regimen of clientspecific exercises and progression.

Dore is an effective resource for students and athletes seven years and older, as well as adults of all ages. In fact, our oldest Dore champion was a young lady in her 80s!

Editor’s Note: Neal Stephens, President of NewEdge, LLC, is a Harvard graduate and the director of the Dore program. This novel approach helps both children and adults maximize their ability to learn in both the academic and the physical realm. An added benefit is that this is a drug-free approach. As one who personally benefitted from the Dore regimen, he has a passion to help others unlock their highest potential. The Dore offices are located on Lakeland Drive, but its clients have come from as far away as New York, Florida, and Canada for the specialized help that Dore offers. Neal, a leader whose faith shapes his work ethic shares a little about Dore with us this month.