I guess it’s just one trait of our humanity that we are always dreaming dreams and wondering what it might be like if they came true. Maybe that sort of ability and longing for “happily ever after” explains the hype and hopefulness over horse racings’ recent prospects for the first triple crown winner in 34 years.

I’m not a gambler and neither is Charles, but he loves horses and has educated me in the last five years to the point that I follow the horses, too. I think when I found out that horses have heart – like dogs – I began to attach myself to the sport with real interest.

So “I’ll Have Another,” a long shot came from behind at the Kentucky Derby. Nobody expected him to finish even close to the front runner. He was definitely the “dark horse.” But, he won!

Even after that amazing victory, the odds of winning the second race , the Preakness, were not in his favor. Again, he came from behind and won.

Racing fans were absolutely counting the days between that second race and the Belmont, the longest of the three races and made even more grueling because it came three weeks after the second – not a huge amount of time to let the horse recover.

I love the facts I’ve uncovered about thoroughbreds. They are intense and so passionate about running. They LOVE to run because God made them that way. They also seem to have an awareness of competition, and they love the pursuit of winning. That personality trait alone caused me a real sense of sadness Friday when it was announced that “I’ll Have Another” would not even get to run in the Belmont. He is now retired – Two races and he’s retired. Translate to human terms…I would be devastated.

For goodness sake – he’s three years old. I wonder if he has any idea.

Seems unfair. Of course, who ever guaranteed fair in this world? “Fair” is something our culture invented. It was never promised to us by our heavenly Father – although He promised lots better than fair to every one of His own.

But I was still sad today when I got the news that this “dark horse” who had defied the odds and emerged the unexpected hero as he just gave his heart and soul to do what God created him to do – that this hero was not even going to get to compete in the final leg of the competition. That win would have given him so much fame, adoration…and I guess a degree of worship from racing enthusiasts.

The whole incident reiterated for me the sheer uncertainty of life on earth. We can buy every kind of insurance there is, equip our houses with the finest security systems known to man. We can do a million other things to “guarantee” our safety and financial security, but we can’t control everything no matter what.

God. God. God. The only way to NOT be lost in a sea of “why’s” when our best laid plans go awry is to cling to and believe in our very heart of hearts that Jeremiah 29:11 is oh-so-true. “I know the plans I have for you – plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Isaiah tells us that His ways are not our ways. Few of us who have trusted Him and found him faithful would argue with that statement.

Even though there are times when we don’t see him or feel Him, He is definitely there and making good on his promise in Romans 8:28 – He’s working it all for good in the lives of the faithful. I know “I’ll Have Another” is a horse, but I’m praying His owner either knows the Lord…or comes to know Him because of this disappointment.