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Fit Revival Studio:

Family, community, accountability


     “Growing up, the majority of my memories were either church or sports,” says Laura Jane Montgomery, and it seems only fitting that she would take those memories and make them into a present reality.


     After purchasing a Ridgeland studio space in 2015, Laura rebranded it and created Fit Revival Studio — a place where family, community and accountability are just as important as the fitness goals people are working toward.


     After being in the fitness industry for 10 years, Laura holds the belief that fitness is a way of living: “I want to encourage a lifestyle habit for people to attain, and not just a short-term goal. I want people to say, ‘This is the way we live; this is who we are,’ and not, ‘Let’s fix ourselves for a short season.’”


     Since fitness is a way of living, Laura seeks to bring spiritual and physical health together in her classes. At Fit Revival, faith and spirituality are the foundations for physical health, and the classes encourage everyone to be active while pursuing the abundant life God has blessed them with.


     For some, going to the gym might seem intimidating, but Fit Revival offers something different. The classes are varied, and everything from personal training to group exercise classes are offered, all in a positive Christian environment.


     In the group classes, four to eight people work together toward personal fitness goals under the supervision of a trainer. In this dynamic, Laura says, “We keep (the class size where it is) so that it’s exciting and fun and you really get the community feel, but yet it’s small enough so the trainer can modify each exercise personally.”


     The heart of the studio is meeting every client’s personal needs and goals with Christianity as a guide. Laura and all the trainers at Fit Revival truly seek to make sure everyone is on track. The studio focuses on small, incremental improvements so that clients can take the next, best step toward meeting their fitness goal.


     “It’s a journey — regardless of what it is,” Laura says, explaining how she encourages people to see that when they succeed physically, they begin to realize they can succeed in other areas. This belief comes through even in the studio’s name — Revival.


     Laura hopes that everyone who takes classes at her studio can truly revive and become active again — that people can take care of the body God has blessed them with and serve the Lord by restoring themselves physically.


     Another beautiful part of the studio is the relationship aspect — so many people develop friendships extending beyond the studio, which adds a layer of community and accountability. As Laura prays with clients, sending them Christian podcast recommendations, recipes, and workout routines, she hopes she can encourage everyone to walk out their faith and meet their personal goals, whatever they may be.




Sarah McLaughlin is a junior at Mississippi College, and plans to graduate with a B.A. in English education. She attends Pinehaven Presbyterian Church in Clinton. You’ll often find her reading, listening to vinyl records, and drinking coffee.

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