Scott and Paula Werne, Owners

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MCL: What made you decide to open College Corner?
A couple of years ago, we decided there was a need for this store. I was going to a game and needed a new knit shirt. After riding all around town, I couldn’t find a thing. So we decided to get one on game day at the campus. After fighting the crowds and waiting in line over half the morning to get this shirt, I knew we had a need in the metro market. I asked my friends from both State and Ole Miss and heard similar stories, so I knew I wasn’t alone.

MCL: How is College Corner different from other sports-apparel businesses?
Scott: We are different because we are a true one-stop, fan shop. We have you covered if you are a guy or gal or young or old. We also have all your tailgating needs from tents to chairs to coolers to bags. We felt like it was better to only carry a few teams and make sure we meant something to those fans without competing with local colleges and bookstores. We are carrying Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, LSU, and Alabama.

MCL: How is doing business is today’s economy an opportunity to demonstrate your faith?
In the corporate world, it can be hard to demonstrate your faith. But with your own business, you have so many different opportunities to do so. We start by telling our story. We have prayed and relied on God’s guidance through this process and we absolutely could not have done this on our own. We are hoping to start a prayer breakfast this fall, with a football theme, of course. We are planning on calling it, “Monday Morning Quarterback Prayer Breakfast”.

MCL: How has business been thus far since opening in early July?
Scott: Business is starting to pick up. Ridgeland is such a good area for shopping and we are reaping those benefits. Also, with football season right around the corner, people are getting excited and making plans to be at The Grove and in The Junction this fall. We hope to have a busy season through Christmas.

MCL: How has your personal faith guided you and your family in this commitment and process?
We have relied heavily on faith throughout this process. We have learned a lot from this process and have grown in our faith. Late last winter, we were really searching for answers about whether to open this business or not. God opened so many doors for us that we knew this was the path he wanted us to take. And he continues to show us each day. We have truly learned the true power of prayer through this business.

MCL: Can you give us your business philosophy in a “sound bite?”
A true one-stop, fan shop. We’ve got you covered for game day!!


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