“Anything (you) could be interested in, we have,” said owner Christy Soloveichik of The Book Rack’s 30,000+ used books.

Book Rack offers books, coffee, community and hope


     In 2018, Christy Soloveichik stepped away from a job she’d had for 20 years in order to pursue God’s next steps for her and remain close with her family. As Christy stepped out in faith, she began praying for the Lord to lead her in what He purposed, and she asked that He would provide for her. 


     By God’s grace, within a week of stepping away from her job, Christy discovered an email from the previous owner of The Book Rack — a well-known used bookstore in Jackson — explaining the store was being sold. Longtime residents of Jackson are likely familiar with the bookstore and may have memories there, especially with the store’s previous owners, Margaret McMullin and the McCoys.  


     Christy found herself with the same familiarity. When she realized The Book Rack was being sold, memories of visiting the store with her mother came back to her. The Holy Spirit began whispering to her, encouraging her to reach out and pursue the opportunity to buy the bookstore. She believed God was calling her not only to manage The Book Rack, but to see the store as an opportunity for ministry.  


     Today, Christy not only owns and manages the store, but she’s also been responsible for its expansion and growth. In January 2020, The Book Rack — which sat in the Canton Mart Square shopping center in northeast Jackson — moved to a larger space in Canton Mart Square. As the store moved just around the corner, it doubled in size and added a café, which offers coffee, tea and Wi-Fi to customers as they browse  the store’s expansive used  book selection. 


     Christy explained that The Book Rack offers every genre of book imaginable — from vintage to Mississippi authors, cookbooks, fiction, young adult, Christian and newly published favorites. Christy explained that, for readers, “Anything they could be interested in, we have.” However, readers typically shop there because of the store’s expansive collection of fiction, romance and Christian living titles.


     While many come to the store interested in the collection it offers, Christy takes interest in the customers themselves. Her mission and vision for The Book Rack is a God-given one, as she believes God wanted her to make the store a place of connection, inspiration and community for people throughout the Jackson area. 


     Christy says that, “If you’re a believer, life is a ministry — and this is a part of my worship to God, being used by Him to connect with people through The Book Rack.”  


     Christy often prays with customers, shares the gospel with them, points them to the perfect book, and takes time to connect with each person who walks through the door. She knows that “everyone who walks through our doors is created in the image of God.”  


     Today, you can visit The Book Rack at 1491 Canton Mart Road, enjoy a cup of coffee, find a new book to read, and connect with others in the Jackson community. To make the experience easier, The Book Rack now has an option for readers to browse their collection and order online via their website, or to do curbside pickup. No matter the season, The Book Rack offers a wonderful selection of books, community and hope.


Sarah McLaughlin is a junior at Mississippi College, and plans to graduate with a B.A. in English education. She attends Pinehaven Presbyterian Church in Clinton. You’ll often find her reading, listening to vinyl records, and drinking coffee.

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