AMADA [uh-mah-dah]; Spanish word: BELOVED, LOVED Concern for the well-being of others; the love of one’s neighbor.

FullSizeRenderMCL: What makes you passionate about the senior services industry?
John: I’ve cared for a loved one through difficult times and I know, firsthand, how hard and overwhelming it can be! My wife is a breast cancer survivor and I use this life changing experience to relate to our friends and families that are looking for answers to caring for their loved ones. We recognize that our population of the “Greatest Generation” are looking for ways to keep their independence at home, and our services allow families to stay in their familiar surroundings. “Home is where the heart is,” and what better place to recover from an injury, surgery, or just need companionship, than to be in the comfort and security of your own home.


MCL: Why did you choose to partner with Amada?
John: This was an easy decision based on studying our market and its needs. The founders of Amada Senior Care are true caregivers that have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of each and every client that they serve. As a lifelong Mississippian, it was evident that they share my values and appreciate the important legacy that my family has in Mississippi.  Amada Senior Care had a commitment to excellence with innovation focusing on how we can better serve our families in the care of their loved ones.

Amada has a unique offering that encourages family involvement through our family portal in our proprietary system called “Transparent.” This is very important since many families live out of town and want to know what is happening with their loved ones. We are “transparent” in our care and our system allows access to information that will show our times in and out of the home, as well as the tasks or activities of daily living that were performed.  We are accountable to you and know that an involved family is important to our goal of keeping the highest quality of life for your loved ones.

Amada continues to look for innovative ways to help families navigate the decisions in this changing healthcare environment. We have resources to help with VA Aid & Attendance, as well as long-term care insurance policies. Many families are frustrated with trying to pay for homecare and we are happy to help as a trusted advisor in looking at all options.


MCL: What services does Amada provide?
John: Our primary focus is on providing true “caregivers” to support seniors as they keep their independence in their home. We are committed to making sure all of our caregivers are experienced, loving, and compassionate. Amada is a highly selective agency when it comes to our personal care attendants.  We recruit and train only the most responsible and qualified care providers. All personal attendants are employees of Amada and are covered by workers’ compensation and liability/bonding insurance. Additionally, Amada conducts comprehensive background screenings and references on all employees.

Amada realizes that there are times when other options must be considered as health concerns change and we are there to help guide families in those decisions. As a trusted resource, we have recently launched a placement website.  Our placement service offers a hands-on approach to independent, assisted and skilled facility options using over twenty years of healthcare experience to guide your decisions.

Amada has also become a valuable resource for seniors and their primary caregivers with understanding long-term care insurance policies. We do not sell these policies but have extensive experience with helping families understand and get the benefits they have paid for so many years.

Amada has also taken leadership with educating our veterans about a benefit that many do not know is available. The VA Aid & Attendance benefit is available for wartime veterans and their surviving spouses. We are happy to provide a free comprehensive resource guide to help our seniors determine if they may qualify for this important benefit.


MCL: What makes Amada different from the other services? AMADA AD CARGIVER HELPER
John: Simply put, I believe that families trust us because we are “accountable” and have a passion for what we do.  Our families know—that at ANY time—they can check on our services online, create a message board inquiry, and call us directly for any reason. They also get personal introductions and interviews with our caregivers so they are comfortable in their decision. We earn the trust of our families!


MCL: How can Amada assist families during the upcoming holiday season?
John: We know that during this time of year families get together to celebrate relationships. Often it is apparent that parents may need help at home. Amada offers a free in-home consultation to discuss the options that are most appropriate for each situation. Our caregivers can make independence at home a plausible and pleasant option. However, if a facility placement is needed, Amada can help as a resource through our placement service. There is no charge for this service, and honestly, we enjoy helping you know what, where, how—and more importantly who—to look for with any healthcare facility. Hint: Always get to know the Administrator and Director of Nurses. They are the best resources and in my experience the first line for important information.


MCL: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
John: My wife, Nan, and I are committed to providing caregivers for our community with individualized care that follows a rich legacy in healthcare.  As a son of a former physician, I was shown firsthand that healthcare is a ministry where you treat each person with compassion and loving care. There is no compromise when it comes to the trust given by our clients. My father believed each patient was his “VIP,” and if they trusted him to guide their treatment, he made sure that they were treated with his highest priority! We interview our caregivers and listen for that same intense “VIP” passion. Only those that exemplify those qualities can be part of our team. You have our word that caregivers will show the highest regard for your family and we will always be accountable. We welcome the opportunity to help care for your loved ones and look forward to continuing to serve our community.

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CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: In January 2014 my father suffered a severe stroke, which took him from having a very active lifestyle to being severely disabled. Once we were able to move him home, it was obvious that he would require 24-hour care. A friend referred our family to John Merrell of Amada Senior Care. John, even before we hired Amada, was an instant help to us. He was able to give sound advice that helped us navigate the sometimes frustrating world of health and home care, as well as insurance requirements. His caring and unassuming attitude have been a blessing to my entire family. The caregivers he has provided for my dad have been absolutely great and help make a very hard situation somewhat easier. Thank you, John and Amada.

Gary Blakeney
Director of Operations
Southern Electric Corporation