Hartfield Academy
It’s All About Building the Next Generation


MCL: What is the mission at Hartfield Academy?

Hartfield Academy is a Christ-centered, college preparatory school which exists to help families prepare their young people academically, emotionally, and spiritually to pursue the next stages of their lives with a passion for learning, for putting others ahead of self, and for the living and active Jesus Christ.


hartfield-3MCL: What is the definition of a Covenant Christian School?

At Hartfield, we believe a strong community of believers is an effective and necessary assistance to parents in their training of the next generation. In Psalm 78:7, God commands His people to make His deeds known to all their descendants so that “they will place their confidence in God.” This covenant agreement between our school and parents to assist one another is biblical, challenging, life changing, and extremely rewarding. Hartfield is the only covenant Christian school in central Mississippi that serves K3-12th grade students.


MCL: As a relatively new school, what have been your proudest successes?

Hartfield is in its fifth year of existence and every year we’ve seen our school get better. Although we’ve gone from just over 500 students our first year to over 800 in enrollment this year, we’ve been able to maintain our values through that growth, which we’re most excited about. Our desire is to measure our success by seeking to fulfill our mission on a daily basis.

We’ve established a safe environment for learning and our facilities have seen improvement each year. Academically, our elementary school’s test scores are some of the best in the area and our high school recently partnered with Belhaven University to offer 34 hours of dual enrollment credit on our campus through Hartfield’s teachers. Last year’s graduates averaged a 25 on the ACT and 100% were accepted and are attending college this year.

Most importantly, we’ve seen our school’s mission be more than words, and as a result, our students have grown and matured, which is our greatest success of all.


MCL: What are some of the innovative ways you engage your students in a “service-to-others” lifestyle? 

There are several different experiences that we have implemented here at Hartfield Academy. Biblical worldview is integrated throughout all aspects of our school.

hartfield-1We’re proud to be part of Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, which teaches students to go above and beyond to serve others. Through this program, they will be a part of one event per semester that serves the community in some way. This program has included 30 high school students in each of the past 2 years.

Another opportunity we encourage our middle and high school students is to serve during what we call Arise Week. During this week we encourage all students to choose an area to serve. This can be through an international mission trip, an opportunity in the U.S. outside of Mississippi, or in our community locally.

Last spring we had over 100 students and staff serving internationally in Haiti, Guatemala, The Bahamas, and Ireland. This year we are taking 20 students on an educational tour of Spain where they can experience history, the arts, and culture in a life changing way.

Experiences like these add a tremendous value to a young person’s perspective and how they view the world around them.


MCL: Why should a family consider Hartfield?

Hartfield integrates faith and learning in a way that is undeniably different. As a covenant Christian school, our model is to be a partner with parents to prepare our young people for the next stages of their lives.

We’ve all heard the saying that “it takes a village” to raise children and we couldn’t agree more. Young people spend more time with their teachers and coaches than anyone else. We are here to support families as they seek to prepare their children intellectually, and also undergird the values and faith their students receive at home.


MCL: What does the future of Hartfield look like?

Due to our growth and a desire to continue offering the highest level of education possible, we are introducing a capital campaign effort this year. This plan will enable us to expand and renovate our facilities in a way that will change our campus and establish a great environment for learning for years to come.

We look forward to sharing the details with our patrons and community very soon—we’re excited about what the future holds for Hartfield!