“A Christian could argue—as I do—that science’s success at explaining the natural world rationally is guaranteed because the natural world is the creation of a rational God,” says Dr. Michael Guillen, author of Amazing Truths. As a theoretical physicist with a string of other credentials, he is certainly in a position to know.Amazing-Truths-Full

Dr. Guillen suggests that science and faith are parts of a whole. Modern science looks at the material world rationally while faith considers those things we can’t see. In some cases, the two disciplines may disagree on the “how” or “what” behind the basic principle, but when you put the two together, you find the principle stands.

Through the book, the author explores ten truths which science and faith approve. To name just three, both agree that objective truth exists, that time is linear, and that we can’t see significant parts of reality. For each of these, Dr. Guillen explains the science before bringing in Scripture and then discussing what that means to us.

These few words fail to capture the astonishing material presented in the well-named Amazing Truths. You don’t have to be a scientist to read it, as the author explains those ideas carefully. Even when I did not fully understand the science, I still found my mind stretched in good ways, and plan to read the book again. If you still need a Father’s Day gift and your father is interested in science, physics especially, Amazing Truths may be the perfect choice.