The Case for Hope by Lee Strobel

Rave Review 1 - Case for Hope Book CoverIf you’re familiar with Lee Strobel’s “Case for” series, then this new title may come as a surprise. The Case for Hope is smaller and less detailed than the previous books. What hasn’t changed is Strobel’s talent for getting to the heart of his subject matter.

To begin, the author shows what we often call “hope” is only wishful thinking and defines hope according to the Scriptures. Strobel looks at other elements, asking if atheism or other faiths can offer hope. After briefly addressing the reliability of the Gospels and other source material, Strobel concludes that our only real hope lies in what Christ did on the cross, allowing us to become part of God’s family.

Having established the basis for hope, the author then offers several examples of people changed by Christ. After all, hope is useless if it doesn’t make a difference. Choosing to follow Jesus clearly does make a dramatic transformation in someone’s life.

But what about doubt? Strobel addresses this issue, too, leaving the encouragement that doubts can actually strengthen faith when handled properly. He outlines this process before looking at our hope of heaven. The book ends with a 30-day journey of hope where the author provides a Scripture each day for meditation and prayer.

You can use The Case for Hope as a short devotional for yourself or give it to someone who’s struggling. Strobel points the reader to the only hope that doesn’t fail—Jesus.